Barrel-Aged: Reginald’s Homemade Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter Review

Alcohol and nuts have always been a great pairing — perhaps only second to peanut butter and jelly — so let’s see what the fine folks at Reginald’s Homemade have in store for us with their Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter.

Reginald's Homemade Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter 1
Shots!  Shots!  Shots!

I stumbled upon this product while perusing the peanut butter section at World Market.  (Side note: While one of my favorite stores, I have witnessed a terrifying trend at my local World Market: a decrease in the amount and varieties of peanut butter.  If any World Market power players happen across this post, please work to reverse this alarming trend.)  I was in the market for something I hadn’t tried before and that featured at least one out-of-the-ordinary flavor.  “Bourbon” met both criteria.

Reginald’s Homemade’s product comes in an 8.5 ounce jar that yields about 8 servings of 2 tablespoons each. Upon opening the jar, some heavy mixing is required (like all natural peanut butters). The peanut butter comes in a slightly darker-than-normal tan color, and the small and sparse pieces of peanuts and pecans justify “Lite Crunch” on the product’s label.

Reginald's Homemade Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter 3
After heavy stirring, as mentioned above.
Obligatory butter knife shot.

Now, for the taste.  Upon first bite, the taste of the peanuts is obvious, followed by a light yet pleasurable sweetness and delicate crunch of pecans.  The molasses and bourbon kick in towards the end, revealing a mild bitterness and spice to discerning palates.  Out of these three flavors, the bourbon and pecans play starring roles, which probably led to them being featured on the main label.  This is highlighted in the spicy and smokey flavor of the peanut butter, which emanate through each bite and bring a welcoming barrel-aged aroma.

Reginald's Homemade Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter 2
Tale of the tape.

Relegated to the back label’s list of ingredients, the molasses plays the role of a Manu Ginobili sixth man — something that could be featured in the starting rotation (comprised here of stars Bourbon and Pecan) but contributes better coming off of the bench.  My hat goes off to Coach Reginald here for using the peanut butter’s sweeter ingredients as role players and allowing the bourbon and pecans to steal the show.  In this sense, the Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter is best used when you want a mature peanut butter with a little more character, but also when you don’t want to deviate too far from the classics.

Reginald’s Homemade Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter, $4.99 at World Market stores. 

Check back tomorrow for a delicious recipe featuring Reginald’s Homemade Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter!

Have you tried or are you interested in this product?  Please leave a comment below!

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