Not Nutty Over the Fruit: Review of Reginald’s Homemade’s Nana Honey Peanut Butter

This week’s featured peanut butter marks Crunchy For Me’s second experience with Reginald’s Homemade, as I’ve selected their Nana Honey Peanut Butter.  I didn’t have a particular peanut butter in mind this week, and several jars of this stuff were 55% off at World Market.  I took it as an omen.

2017-04-24 #2
This is a creamy peanut butter, so I assume those little bits you see are small pieces of banana.

I was excited about my second experience with one of Reginald’s Homemade’s peanut butters.  As I discussed in Crunchy For Me’s first reviewReginald’s Homemade’s Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter tastes excellent and true to its name.  With Reginald’s Homemade’s Nana Honey Peanut Butter, the latter part remains true, but this ends up being somewhat of a drawback.

Similar to the bourbon and pecans flavors evident in each bite of Reginald’s Homemade’s Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter, here, you can taste both bananas and honey.  However, while bananas and peanut butter are a classic combination, after tasting this peanut butter, I believe that this combination works best when using fuller bananas slices.  In the Nana Honey Peanut Butter, the banana taste isn’t prominently featured, possibly because of a lower ratio in the peanut butter.  Contrast this with when you have banana slices in your PB&J and the banana taste and texture has a strong presence bursting through each bite.  It’s similar to the difference between a tickle and a massage.  Reginald’s Homemade should commit more to the banana taste, or ditch it altogether and stick with the honey.

2017-04-24 #3
The facts.
Speaking of the honey, I enjoyed the honey flavor in Reginald’s Homemade’s Nana Honey Peanut Butter.  While I still prefer Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter Blend when I’m in the mood for this particular combination, Reginald’s Homemade has a workable honey flavor that I’m interested in tasting without the banana mixed in.

2017-04-24 #4
The usual suspects.

My thoughts on texture here aren’t limited to Reginald’s Homemade’s Nana Honey Peanut Butter.  Rather, I have a comment/question regarding all natural peanut butters.  See, I’m relatively new to the natural peanut butter game, and I’m not sure whether I’m properly mixing the peanut butter and mixing it often enough.  I obviously mix the peanut butter prior to my first use, and the peanut butter ends up being perfectly spreadable.  But, when I’m getting down toward the bottom of the jar, I find that the remaining peanut butter is grainy and doesn’t spread as easily.  This causes trouble when I’m making my PB&Js, as the peanut butter attacks the bread like sand paper.  Is this common with all natural peanut butters?  Are all of the oils absorbed in the first few uses, so that there’s very little-to-no oil left for the remaining peanut butter?  Please, peanut butter community, help me out!

2017-04-24 #5
I licked the knife.
The Test

Reginald’s Homemade’s Nana Honey Peanut Butter tasted better in a PB&J than it does on its own.  I found that the presence of jelly helped mask the subtle banana flavor that, for me, was more of a nuisance than something that enhanced the peanut butter’s overall flavor.  Also, as I alluded to above, if you enjoy the banana taste in your PB&J, I recommend using your favorite honey peanut butter and slicing up some bananas to capture your desired taste.

2017-04-24 #6
I need to start mixing in some non-wheat breads.  Variety is, of course, the spice of life.
Based on the high bar that was set by Reginald’s Homemade’s Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter, I was a little let down by the Nana Honey Peanut Butter.  Still, I think that this is more of a result of bananas being more suitable in their fuller, more traditional form (i.e., bigger banana slices) when combined with peanut butter on a slice of toast or in a sandwich.  Also, I’m not deterred from trying any of Reginald’s Homemade’s other offerings.  I encourage you to peruse their website — they have some very exciting combinations that I’m eager to try.

Have you had Reginald’s Homemade‘s Nana Honey Peanut Butter?  What should I review next?  Leave a comment below!


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