About Me

When shopping at your local supermarket, Target, or Wal-Mart, do you always make it a point to stop by the peanut butter aisle?  You know, to check out what’s new and if there are any exciting new flavors?  If you don’t then you should.  If you do, then this is the blog for you!

Hello, friends!  I’m Steve, a 32-year-old peanut butter connoisseur living in Sacramento, California.  My love for peanut butter started where yours probably did — the classic PB&J.  As the title of this blog suggests, I preferred crunchy peanut butter in my sandwiches.  I always had love for creamy, but as a kid I felt that the peanut parcels gave crunchy just a little more character.  I never knew how much crunch that next bite would have, and biting into a whole peanut was SO satisfying!

But I digress.  My appreciation for creamy grew as I matured into adulthood, and this blog isn’t just about crunchy.  Instead, I’ll feature ALL types of peanut butters, especially those with uncommon ingredients.  I’m talking white chocolate, bourbon, and everything in between.  Additionally, I’ll be experimenting with recipes calling for peanut butter by substituting traditional peanut butter with an exciting variety that I feel better complements the recipe.

So, welcome to Crunchy For Me, the blog for my fellow peanut butter enthusiasts!